Blog Policy


Just a few things I should mention about this blog.

  • All photographic and text content is owned by Richard Parrish and Robert Kondouras unless it is indicated otherwise in the blog. The blog content cannot be used for any other purpose without permission from the owners.
  • I am not an expert on WWI so errors in fact may occur. Every effort will be taken to correct such errors and improve the accuracy of the blog.
  • I welcome all comments, suggestions and  submissions but only content that is in keeping with copyright and right of use laws will be considered.
  • Chosen submissions may need editing. Owners of the submissions will be contacted before this is done.

See the below list for suggested submissions.

  • Photos of WW1 sites and battlefields
  • Stories of relatives who were veterans of WW1
  • True historical facts
  • Information on WW1 Anniversary projects in the making
  • Information on WW1 Anniversary events

Contact Info:

Guelph Memorial Modern


One Response to Blog Policy

  1. Greetings. I share your passion for the “monuments “of WW I. We visited Europe in 2007, and attended the recommemoration of the Vimy Memoriial. Subsequently we visited many WWI and WWII sites and war cemeteries. I have produced a self published book called Europe to Die For, but was unable to find an interested publisher. Would you be interested in seeing it ? I have a .pdf version on DVD which I could send you.

    Ed Preston

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