Lest We Forget WWI 1914-2014 Centenary Day of Remembrance

This has been a long awaited remembrance day for Rob and myself. It has been three years travelling, photographing and editing material on Canadian WWI monuments to put together a book that would honour these special works of art and preserve the names of those listed upon them-especially the very old monuments that have suffered the weather over the years and the names of the soldiers now eroding away and becoming hard to read.

We had the book published and released in October 2014 and in stores before the day of remembrance that  would highlight the WWI Centenary. We couldn’t be happier and looked forward to that day.

Then the tragic events in Ottawa happen as the world surely knows now.

What made it even more tragic for Rob and I, was the fact that Cpl Nathan Cirillo was from Hamilton Ontario- the home of this blog and where much of the editing and design of the book had been done. To say we were shock would be a severe understatement. If anything, it could not be believed. What the news was saying couldn’t be true.

WWI monument inStoney Creek Hamilton Ontario

WWI monument in Stoney Creek Hamilton Ontario

Canadians will never look at the National War Memorial the same. It is now a monument to a soldier who was killed on duty in his own country. Something Canadians will find very difficult to come to terms with- because this just never happens here.

For those who would like see the remembrance day events from the nations capitol just click on the link below.





A New exhibit from The Dundas Museum and Archive has recently opened to the public to Document the contribution of three men who served and fought on some of the most famous battle grounds in WWI. The exhibit is a tribute to these men and an important one to the history of the town of Dundas Ontario (now part of Hamilton). Photographic highlights of the exhibit will be featured in the next post.




About WW1monuments/Canada

Born in Toronto Canada, Richard is a graduate of Fine Arts from York University. He is currently completing a photo book that documents the most significant World War 1 monuments and memorial sites in Canada. The book is to be published in 2014.
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