WWI: A Monumental History to be Published in 2014

A pictorial history of Canada’s involvement in WWI has been captured in the sculptures and monuments to WWI that are located all across Canada, France and Belgium. Authors and photographers Robert Konduros and Richard Parrish have created a tribute to those Canadians who gave so much in the struggle of civilization against barbarism ( so it was thought) and to the surviving loved ones and communities who ¬†commissioned these memorials to mark their loss. The book also highlights the boldness and beauty of the many” Great War” statues and monuments in Canada and the sculptors who created them. In this year of the 100th anniversary of the beginning of First World War, the book is a retrospective look at this cataclysmic period in history from the point of view of Canadian memorial sculpture. A monumental part of history that has certainly been carved in stone.

Available October 8, 2014.


About WW1monuments/Canada

Born in Toronto Canada, Richard is a graduate of Fine Arts from York University. He is currently completing a photo book that documents the most significant World War 1 monuments and memorial sites in Canada. The book is to be published in 2014.
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