The Christmas Truce WWI

“It was a curious scene – a lovely moonlit (Christmas) night, the German trenches with small lights on them, and the men on both sides gathered in groups on the parapets. It is weird to think that tomorrow night we shall be at it again. If one gets through this show it will be a Christmas time to live in one’s memory.” Captain R Armes of the 1st North Staffordshire regiment. (Quote from “

There are a lot of myths and legends surrounding the first Christmas truce at the western front in 1914. It supposedly started when the British Expeditionary Force heard the Germans singing carols and other patriotic songs. The Germans had also hung lanterns and lined their trenches with small fir trees. What happened next was an extraordinary event of human spirit that entrenched itself permanently in the pages of WWI history and became one of the most popular Christmas stories of all time.

I have created a list of sites and sources so you can read and enjoy this remarkable  story yourself. There is also a video to watch.

Merry Christmas to all. Peace on earth.


Start Video at 0:27 to begin at truce segment.


photo German post card. Copy right Simon Rees



About WW1monuments/Canada

Born in Toronto Canada, Richard is a graduate of Fine Arts from York University. He is currently completing a photo book that documents the most significant World War 1 monuments and memorial sites in Canada. The book is to be published in 2014.
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