Goderich before the storm.

The Godrich courthouse before the storm

The Godrich courthouse before the storm

On the last weekend in July 2011, I was in Goderich Ontario photographing an excellent example of the work of sculptor Coeur de Lion MacCarthy who created the memorial in front of the historic Goderich (Huron County) courthouse.  It could not have been a more perfect day. Beautiful blue sky, warm with a small breeze and great light for camera work.  There was  an outdoor market and festival happening all around me. I was standing on  the central ground of what, in Goderich, is known as the “spoke”-a unique downtown centre where a roundabout road is surrounded by small boutiques and inviting restaurants. In the very center is the courthouse guarded by MacCarthy’s soldier statue.MacCarty's Stoic soldier that survived the Tornato

 It was a most idyllic small town scene with families, their children and pets out to enjoy a popular Goderich event. In  three weeks this beautiful day would be overcome by what would seem a nightmare to Goderich residents.

On August 21, 2011 a tornado touched down in Goderich and cut a path straight to the heart of the spoke leaving a path of destruction in its wake. Very few of the heritage buildings were spared- including the courthouse.


About WW1monuments/Canada

Born in Toronto Canada, Richard is a graduate of Fine Arts from York University. He is currently completing a photo book that documents the most significant World War 1 monuments and memorial sites in Canada. The book is to be published in 2014.
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