A Monumental History

Throughout Canada there are hundreds of statues, cenotaphs, and other memorials for the 619,636 men and woman who served in World War One, known as the “Great War”. More of our soldiers died in this war than all other wars combined.

The statues in particular are striking for their boldness and their art. In the early 1920’s individual communities raised money through voluntary donations to have them sculpted. This was largely a spontaneous expression of emotion. They became surrogates for the 60,000 Canadian soldiers killed in France and Belgium whose bodies were never brought home.

Robert KondurosImage


About WW1monuments/Canada

Born in Toronto Canada, Richard is a graduate of Fine Arts from York University. He is currently completing a photo book that documents the most significant World War 1 monuments and memorial sites in Canada. The book is to be published in 2014.
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